Collaboration is such an important element in any creative process.

Dave Laslett, mentoring the next generation of film makers, photographers, photography assistants, audio engineers, online editors and designers.

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Interested in photography and want to take your art form to another level?

Davenport Community Council is offering an exciting opportunity for emerging first nation artists to discover & develop their creativity across all skill levels.

In partnership with award winning illustrative artist Dave Laslett and mentor and celebrated photographer Nat Rogers the empowerment mentoring sessions will traverse from ipad / iphone tips and tricks to DSLR basics all the way through to advanced lighting and an exclusive insight into the process of illustrative artistry. In addition to this there will be an assistant training alongside the mentorship for participants interesting in the technical and practical elements of creativity.

There is a place for everyone in this program even if you don’t create photos you can come along and man the smoke machine, throw some dust into the scene or hold a light. The mentoring is open to all in a friendly, positive and safe environment.

In association with Olympic Dam Aboriginal Trust the works generated will be professionally printed and framed. The artists developed over this mentorship will be included in a Group Exhibition in Port Augusta where community can come together and celebrate the creativity of the participants.

Expressions of interest can be lodged by email:

Dave Laslett
Davenport Community Council